What the Different Road Sign Colors Mean

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Ever miss an important sign when you are driving? Maybe you didn’t see a speed limit sign and got a speeding ticket. Perhaps you missed an exit sign and went out of your way on your commute. Road signs are crucial to navigating along our highways, but sometimes you may have a hard time reading every sign while driving at high speeds. Instead, it could help to know what color sign you need to keep an eye out for. That way you can filter out signs that do not apply to you and read what you need to. It is always a good thing to be able to recognize what the different road sign colors mean. Read on to see our guide of every color road sign and their meaning. 

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red stop sign with sky background

You probably know what red means just by instinct at this point. The most iconic red sign is the stop sign, and indeed red signs usually mean stop in some form or another.  

Orange orange under construction road sign

It is fitting that they chose the closest color to red, orange, for construction signs. That’s because these signs mean to slow down and be careful in construction zones. Never skip on reading an orange sign, as it may give you specific instructions or let you know that a road is closed or will be closed soon. 

Yellow yellow slow down sign for a curvy road

Yellow probably brings a yield sign to mind. Yellow signs, like orange signs, mean to continue with caution. In the case of a yield sign, you should wait for cross traffic to go first.  

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green Illinois road sign

Green traffic signs are often the easiest to miss, as they might blend in with the scenery, but you should keep a special eye out for green signs if you are looking for directions. Green signs direct traffic and let you know that it is ok to continue ahead.  


blue road sign with two arrows

Blue signs are guidance signs and might point you to some important landmarks.  


white flood warning sign

Speed limits and other regulations come in the form of a black and white sign. If you do not know the speed limit of an area, these are the signs to keep an eye out for.

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