What are your options at the end of an Acura lease?

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If you are interested in leasing an Acura, or you’re currently doing so, you’d probably like to know your options for the end of the lease. Will you opt to choose a brand-new Acura model or stick with the one you’ve been leasing? Below, we’ll walk you through the choices you have when your Acura lease term is up.woman-in-car-drivers-seat-receiving-the-keys-from-dealership-employee

3 Lease-end options for Acura vehicles

  1. Return your current model and lease a new Acura. Many drivers opt for leasing because they want the most innovative technology and performance capability out there. In that case, this would be the best option. After, for instance, a 3-year lease term, the current Acura lineup has models that are brand-new and happen to be 3 years newer than your current leased vehicle. Learn more. 
  2. Return your leased vehicle. If you’d rather make other arrangements for your next vehicle, you can simply return your leased model to the Acura dealer you leased it from. Upon the end of the lease and pending an inspection, your lease is finished, and the vehicle is no longer your responsibility. Learn more. 
  3. Purchase your current vehicle. If you fell in love with your leased vehicle during the lease term, you can opt to purchase it and continue making payments toward full ownership. Learn more.

So, there you have it. You can choose from those 3 options at the end of your Acura lease, depending on your situation. If you’d like additional details about leasing an Acura model or what to do at the end of your lease term, feel free to reach out to our team at Acura of Maui. Check out our current new Acura inventory to see if any of our available models piques your interest.

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